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Lambing Live at Rand Farm Park

Lambing Season Returns To Rand Farm Park

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Lambing Live at Rand Farm Park

After two years and several lockdowns…
Lambing Season returns to Rand Farm Park!
Springtime is one of our most favourite seasons on the farm. Not only do the morning jobs become a little warmer but almost every week we welcome new life into the world.

Between the 12th – 20th February we’re expecting our main flock of ewes from the farm to lamb.
Each ewe will be closely monitored by our farm team to watch for signs of labour and you’re invited to join us! Help our farm team notice the first signs of labour and there’s also a possibility you may be able to see a lambing live.

You can also bottle feed our cade lambs at 11:30, 1:30 & 3:30.
Cade lambs are those who have either; been rejected by their mother, been the third in a set of triplets (which becomes too much for the ewe) or a lamb who’s mum has fallen ill or died.

In March there is another opportunity to see Lambing Live with two Lambing Weekends: 5th & 6th March and 12th & 13th March.

Throughout Lambing Season your favourite winter activities will also be available including;
Meeting the many other animals on the farm, indoor soft play, outdoor play, Air Cannon arena and Tractor Rides.

Spaces again are limited so please book online, in advance, to avoid disappointment

Included In Your Admission

Live Lamb Cam

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Throughout our Lambing Season we're baa-yond excited to bring you our Lamb Cam.
The Lamb Cam is situated within our M-'Ewe'-ternity Ward, the best place to watch all the action, LIVE, as it unfolds.
It's on everyday throughout Lambing Season, 24 hours a day!

These 6 physical and behavioral late-pregnancy cues are how to tell when a sheep is close to lambing
- Bagging Up (Developed Udder)
- Sunken Loin
- Reduced Appetite
- Nesting and Pawing at her Bedding
- Passing a Water Bag
- Seperation from the flock

Check back soon, or on our social media, for when Lamb Cam goes live.

... 'Ewe've been warned though, it does become an addictive watch.

Opening Times & Prices

Saturday 12th - Sunday 20th February
Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th March
Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th March

10am - 5pm

Child 2 & Over
Child Under 2
Family of Four
Family of Five
Members of Rand Farm Park
Free (No requirement to book online)