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Your Camping Weekend at Rand Farm Park

Welcome to your Camping Weekend at Rand Farm Park
“NEW COMMENT – 04/08/2022”
Whilst we stay in the midst of a heat wave we must insist that no open flames are permitted to
This includes, but not limited to;
Fire Pits – BBQs – Smoking – Lanterns & Gas Lights.
Please note – Gas camping stoves are, however, permitted.
This weekend we will also have our professional photographer on site taking photos for future promotion of our Camping Weekend events. If you can not, or do not wish to have your photo taken for marketing purposes, please let the photographer know.
We really hope you enjoy your stay with us on the farm whether you have visited before or are new to camping and/or farm parks!
We’ve worked hard to bring you and the family an unforgettable experience this weekend… so much so you may need a holiday after this holiday
In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, all of your camping ‘material’ such as timetables, maps, menus etc can all be downloaded below, straight to your phone. Don’t worry – if your phone starts to run out of charge and you forgot your portable charger, there are several sockets around site you can use to charge it up
Throughout your stay there will also be a Camping Host if you need any help, their number is 07494803097
Below we have listed a small questionnaire that we would be most grateful if you could complete, honestly.
If, on your stay, there is something you wish to discuss with a member of the team, please speak to your Welcome Host.
We hope you and the family have a lovely weekend with us and we hope to see you again soon
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