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Lambing Live Blog

Over the course of our Lambing Live event this February Half Term we will be bringing you a daily blog FULL of all the new developments as they happen in our Lambing Barn.

There’s almost new additions every day, cute photos, questions from our visitors and more.

If you have any questions you would like to ask us about the lambs, please email us on and we try and answer as quick as possible!
(Your question may even make it on our website)

Number of lambs born so far:

Saturday 16th February 2019

Today marks the start of LAMBING LIVE at Rand Farm Park!
Over the next week we will be welcome lots of new life into the world with our many ewes who are expecting.
This February Half Term also marks the start of our Summer Season with your favourites such as Skyrider and Archery being open (weather dependant).

Today we welcome 5 new lambs! (twins and triplets)
Of the triplets, one lamb was taken away from the mother as she wasn’t able to provide enough milk for all three.

Today’s question comes from Elisa;
How do you know if a sheep if going to have more lambs?
– Some of our ewes have had an ultrasound which indicates how many lambs they are expecting.
Ewes with a purple shoulder are expecting one lamb
If they have no purple at all they are expecting twins
A purple rump means they are expecting triplets
If there’s have 2 purple marks they are expecting quadruplets!

Sunday 17th February 2019

Today we welcomed 6 new lambs! (1 single, 1 twins and 1 triplets)
One of the triplets was taken away from the mother as she too wasn’t able to provide enough milk for all three of her lambs

Today’s question comes from George;
Why is number 7 so small?
– We don’t know but isn’t the little lamb adorable? Farmer Joshua said it’s the smallest lamb he’s EVER seen!

Monday 18th February 2019

Today was a busy day at Rand Farm Park!
Not only did we welcome 4 lambs (2 twins) we also welcomed 6 little piglets over the space of 5 hours!

Today’s question from Lucy was; ‘How long are pigs in labour for?’
– Typically pigs can be in labour for 1-4 hours with a birth every fifteen minutes however today evidenced sometimes it can be a little longer. We welcomed four piglets, all before 10am then 2 more were born at lunchtime with some very excited onlooking visitors!

Today we were also able to capture the first few moments of a lamb’s life. Check out our most recent Facebook Video to see for yourself 🙂
We’d also like to thank Teresa and her family for their assistance and extensive knowledge of lambing to let us know when the ewe was ready to give birth!

Tuesday 19th February 2019

No lambs were born today however we are very hopeful that at least two will give birth first thing tomorrow morning!

Today’s question comes from Elizabeth who asked;
How many times do we bottle feed the lambs?
We bottle feed the lambs around 8am in the morning when our farm staff first arrive for the day, 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30 which YOU can help us with and late in the evening before bed time.

Wednesday 20th February 2019

Three lambs were born today! (1 twin and 1 single)
Today we were asked by Sam; How do you know if a lamb is about to be born?
– That’s a very good question! As ewes are herd animals, when they are ready to lamb they will separate themselves from the other sheep and find a quiet place to rest and lamb. They stop chewing the cud (the cud is a phrase used to explain when a ewe is chewing without anything in their mouth), they may start to breath a bit quicker and put their neck up in the air. Farmer Joshua recently did a Facebook Live explaining the full process, if you haven’t watched this yet check out our Facebook Page

Thursday 21st February 2019

We welcomed our first set of quads today (FOUR lambs from the same ewe) and two more late in the evening.
The ewe which lambed four babies was very tired towards the end so Saffron and Aimee jumped in to, quite literally, give a helping hand.
Check out our Facebook Page for a LIVE LAMBING BIRTH!

Lamb Cam

Did you know you can watch our lambs throughout the day and night on our Lamb Cam?
If you’re lucky, you may even see a lamb being born but be warned… it’s addictive!
Watch the Rand Farm Park Live Lamb Cam


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