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Hire an Incubator

Before your eyes, see new life emerging and hire an incubator for your school. This is a unique opportunity for your class and truly memorable for pupils.

Download the Growth & Development Incubator Leaflet

On Day 1, an experienced member of the Rand Farm Park Education Team will visit you to set up the incubator with 7 fertile eggs that will hatch in 21 days, as well as give you an Incubation Calendar and Embryo Development Chart

Approximately 10 days later, we will return to school to ‘candle’ the eggs and show the embryos starting to develop inside.   But the excitement really starts when the eggs start to hatch and the chicks emerge. After a few days caring for the new arrivals, we will return to pick them up along with the incubator (or you can keep them if you prefer).

As a school, you are also invited to visit our hatchery to view many difference types of poultry at different stages of growth and development. We offer day visits to schools, as well as a residential programme all year round.

Links to Key Stage 1

  • Life cycles
  • Animals including Humans (how animals have offspring that grow into adults)
  • Living things and their habitats (food chains – habitats – comparisons)

Links to Key Stage 2

  • Working scientifically to observe, take accurate measurements and record data
  • Animals including Humans
  • All living things
  • Evolution and inheritance

Links to Key Stage 3

  • Structure and function of living organisms
  • Genetics and evolution

What other teachers say?

“Our pupils found it so rewarding. We’ve already booked for next year”