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For many people, meeting the animals at Rand Farm Park is a very special experience. Our animals are used to people and most of them enjoy being stroked and spoken to.
The majority live in cosy undercover pens, ensuring you can meet them at any time of the year. During the summer months, we have lots of animals outside in our paddocks. Plus every day, there’s a full activity programme.

Meet the animals at Rand Farm Park: Lamb

Ewes & Lambs

Lambs are seasonal here at Rand Farm Park with our Lambing Season typically taking place between February – March.

Whilst we have lambs here at Rand Farm Park you can help bottle feed our cades at 11:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm

Cade lambs are those who have either; been rejected by their mother, been the third in a set of triplets (which becomes too much for the ewe) or a lamb who’s mum has fallen ill or died.

After your visit, don’t forget to tag us in your photos using #randfarmpark

Meet the animals at Rand Farm Park: Cattle


On the farm we’re proud to be home to a herd of Lincoln Red cattle.

Although Lincoln Reds can be found now across the world due to their ‘easy to handle’ nature, marbled meat and ability to easily calf, they originate here in Lincolnshire.

We also have a number of male junior calves within our Large Animal Barn which you can help bottle feed frequently througout the year.

Check our timetable on your next visit for our bottle feeding times

Our cattle will often be found grazing in the outdoor paddocks so be sure to keep an eye out for them whilst on our tractor ride

Meet the animals at Rand Farm Park: Piglets

Pigs & Piglets

On your next visit, make sure to look out for some of most adorable additions on the farm; piglets.

Did you know a sow is pregnant for three months, three weeks and three days?

Once a piglet litter is weaned from it’s mother we let the mum have some R&R before going back to the boar.

Because of their diets and habit to ‘eat like a pig’ we ask you not to feed the pigs or piglets with animal feed.

Meet the animals at Rand Farm Park: Donkeys


Some of the team’s favourite animals on the farm are our donkeys.

We have three Jennys (female); Smokie, Meoldy and Crackle
Charlie Brown is our Jack (male)

Did you know that donkeys can live up to 40 years old and have an exceptional memory?
They can remember other donkeys they onced lived with or areas they once lived in for up to 25 years!

On Christmas Eve we take our donkeys to the local church for their real nativity

Meet the animals at Rand Farm Park: Alpaca


In our oustide paddocks you can meet our Alpaca, Alice.

Alice is a female (Hembra) alpaca and is expecting her first cria (baby alpaca) around Easter 2022

This would be the first alpaca cria here at Rand Farm Park so be sure to check our Facebook closer to Easter for all the action as it develops

Meet the animals at Rand Farm Park: Goats


You can meet many goats within the Large Animal Barn here at Rand Farm Park.

We are also home to two rare Golden Guernsey Goats, Vernon and Crumpet
The breed (Golden Guerney)  was nearly wiped out in the Second World War when most livestock on Guernsey was slaughtered during the German occupation. Miss Miriam Milbourne was able to hide a small group of goats allowing the breed to survive.
Vernon and Crumpet are very docile and friendly goats and have since become firm favourites with the team and visitors

Meet the animals at Rand Farm Park: Horses


You can also meet Billy, Robyn and Attie our horses.

Atty is a Minature Sheatland and Robin is our Shire Horse, he is a gentle giant and loves a fuss.
Despite the size difference between the two, they are the best of friends and have a very strong bond.
They come inside for the winter as it is far too muddy to have them galloping around the paddocks

Billy is an Arab X Thoroughbred

Please do not feed our horses by hand, place the feed in their trough

Meet the animals at Rand Farm Park: Chicks

Smaller Animals

As well as the larger animals here at Rand Farm Park you can also, meet, feed and handle some of our smaller animals

We have chicks (seasonal), rabbits, guinea pigs, chimpunks and an aviary with birds such as Peggy our Parrot, Zebra Finches and more

Animal Feed

No visit to the farm is complete without a bag of animal feed.
You can purchase a bag of animal feed alongside your online admission for just £1 a bag

Feed the animals on four legs excedpt from the rabbits and pigs. We also recommend placing the feed in the trough for the donkeys and horses.