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The Real Christmas Experience

Christmas break? What break?
Here at the North Pole it's Christmas Day every day for us.

If we're not building presents, we're wrapping them.
When we're not drinking cocoa them we're making them for Santa.
If we're not dancing to Place a Star on Top then we're rehearsing it for The Real Christmas Experience at Rand Farm Park 2022.

It won't be long now until everyone's favourite time of the year is 'trending' and we'll be seeing Christmas trees at the local pub, John Lewis' ad on the telly and Mariah Carey on the radio.

Whilst our team of elves are busy planning The Real Christmas Experience 2022 you can sign up to receive advanced notice on when we're launching our tickets.

Until then, which will be around September-ish, stay on the Nice List and speak soon

Lots of love:
Ginger & Pepper xo

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Christmas 2022

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